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ServiceMaster All Care’s Expert Fingerprint Dust Cleanup Services

Crime Scene Dust Cleanup Services in the Santa Cruz Area

  • Finger print dust clean up requires special chemicals and expert professional training.
  • Fingerprinting powder at a crime scene is almost impossible to clean on your own.
  • This black graphite powder can be extremely messy since it adheres to almost anything.
  • It’s a particulate substance that is nearly invisible without the use of a microscope.
  • Professional fingerprint dust cleanup services can restore normalcy to your premises.

fingerprint dust cleaning services santa cruz areaFor 24/7 fingerprint dust cleanup services call ServiceMaster in Santa Cruz at 831-459-0110.

Call in a trained dust cleanup technician for a safe and effective cleanup job. The longer you wait after the crime investigators finish their job at the scene, the more difficult it is to clean fingerprinting powder. It spreads everywhere and will not dissipate.

Forensic experts investigating a crime scene spread graphite powder everywhere to find fingerprints. Not only does this dusty powder stick to all surfaces, it also settles in every chip, crack or crevice around a room, car or enclosed space.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to clean up fingerprint dust with water, cleaning solution and a cloth. You will end up activating the dust and make it impossible to get rid of!

ServiceMaster in Santa Cruz has the specialized equipment needed to remove all traces of fingerprint dust and thoroughly cleanup a crime scene. Contact us today.

Extensive experience in fingerprint/crime scene dust cleanup

Whether it’s a burglary, break-in or homicide investigation, the police will come in and cover the scene with fingerprinting powder. When you are allowed to re-enter your premises, the dust is everywhere. Not only is it an unpleasant sight, the dust could go into your heating and cooling systems and circulate in the air you’re breathing. That’s why, surface cleaning won’t suffice.

You need crime scene dust cleanup technicians with the experience and training we have at ServiceMaster in Santa Cruz. We work with hospitals, medical clinics, diagnostic centers, laboratories, insurance companies and city and county governments. We follow proper safety measures and cleanup techniques. Our crime scene dust cleanup services are available to you throughout Santa Cruz County and mountains area – anytime!

Call us at 831-459-0110 for immediate fingerprint dust and crime scene cleanup services to prevent further damage to your premises.