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crime scene cleanup

Service Master in Santa Cruz provides prompt, secure and efficient 24/7 crime and accident cleanup services. If there has been some kind of harrowing experience such as a homicide, suicide, accidental death or body decomposition at your home or business premises, you need immediate crime scene cleanupservices. It is critical to decontaminate the area quickly and safely. Crime scene cleanup should not be treated as a typical cleanup job. The crime scene and the surrounding area may be tainted with toxic or infectious agents, pathogens in blood and body fluids. These can cause serious health hazards if proper precautions are not taken during the crime scene cleanup process.

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How can we help with a crime scene cleanup?

  • ServiceMaster's trained and certified crime scene cleanup technicians will clean and fumigate your home or commercial property as quickly as possible.
  • We only use federal government recommended technology for infectious agent, pathogen, blood, body fluid cleanup and disinfection, as well as environmentally friendly products for decontamination.
  • You can return to a healthy indoor environment fast with our professional crime scene cleanup services.
  • You should not and cannot legally ask your employees or family members to clean up a blood spill or body fluids at a crime scene. Call ServiceMaster in Santa Cruz to take care of this sensitive work.

ServiceMaster All Care has the knowledge, equipment and sensitivity to handle any crime scene cleanup

ICRC and NIDS Certified Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Services

ServiceMaster in Santa Cruz has been providing Northern California city services, insurance companies and home and commercial clients with professional crime scene cleanup services for over two decades. When tragedy strikes our 24/7 crime scene cleanup technicians use the right tools and chemicals to eliminate all potential hazards from any crime scene.

When it comes to crime scene cleanup, only a licensed and certified individual should decontaminate, eliminate, recover and package all biohazard and infectious materials. Items infected with bodily fluids may be cross contaminated and can potentially spread contagious diseases or other poisonous substances. These are undetectable by the human eye during a crime scene cleanup. ServiceMaster's team of experts is fully trained to preserve any crime scene when additional evidence is discovered; so trust us when it comes to emergency crime scene cleanup.

Contact the experts at ServiceMaster All Care if you require emergency crime scene cleanup services for your home, commercial or retail property in Santa Cruz County.

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