Personal Items Cleaning After a Disaster

We Use Several Salvage Methods to Restore Your Damaged Valuables 

personal items cleaning after a disaster

For many customers who choose Service Master of Santa Cruz, the cleaning of personal items after a disaster is the most important part of restoration.

One of the major tragedies resulting from a fire or flood is losing objects of great sentimental or actual value. But Service Master of Santa Cruz professionals have special training to salvage your old photographs or letters, legal documents, rare furnishings, even one-of-a-kind belongings such as that childhood baseball mitt. 

For effective personal items cleaning, we use several restoration methods that vary according to the extent of the damage and the object itself. The methods may include a gentle drying system which gradually removes water via heat and air flow to carefully dry materials without drastically changing its composition. We also have state of the art freeze-driers which can extract water without the possible over drying impact of heat. Further cleaning may be required once the moisture is removed.

Our technicians will consult with you to determine which objects you would like salvaged the best systems to use. 

In the aftermath of a catastrophe at a home or business, it's important to remember:  

  • Some items cannot be salvaged. Unfortunately, there are instances in which the damage to an object is too extensive for our skilled professionals to salvage. Furniture of wood veneer is often unusable after being exposed to water. We recommend that particularly fragile belongings be stored in a place where damage from an unforeseen catastrophe is unlikely.
  • Every object that you want to keep after a flood or fire needs a once-over. Even items that appear to be untouched should be inspected. In a short time, moisture that is not initially obvious can develop mold and odors that are difficult to remove. 

For Personal Items Cleaning after Disaster, the Clock is Always Ticking 

As with all aspects of restoration, the sooner a crew from Service Master of Santa Cruz is summoned and on-site, the sooner we can begin the process of cleaning your personal items and the more likely it is that your cherished items will be successfully salvaged. 

Service Master of Santa Cruz offers salvaging services to customers in the the communities of Santa Cruz, Capitola, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Aptos, Felton, Soquel, and Ben Lomond.

 If you require professional personal items cleaning after a disaster, call Service Master of Santa Cruz today at 831-459-0110. Operators are standing by, 24/7.