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Hire Service Master of Santa Cruz for garage cleanout services and see firsthand the advantages of letting professionals do the dirty work. We clean out unwanted clutter and garbage from garages, barns, sheds, second and primary homes, storage unit, and other buildings.

While we are restoration specialists, much of our work entails removing debris and doing a thorough cleanup after a fire or flood before renovations can begin. In the case of hoarding or just keeping too much stuff, the work is very much the same.

We bring our expertise - and the right tools for access and disposal. Our crews are trained to work smart and efficiently. Even a cluttered garage that has been filled to the rafters over the years can be made tidy and wonderfully organized in just a few hours when Service Master of Santa Cruz is trusted to handle the job.

We offer garage cleanout services that respect your stuff, too. We responsibly dispose of just the items that you want thrown out, and may try to recycle or donate as many things if possible.

Call Service Master by Tripp today at 831-459-0110 to schedule a garage, barn or building cleanout.

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Some of the many reasons our northern California customers hire us for garage cleanout services:

  • Preparing for a move. A tidy, organized garage that provides room to grow is very attractive to potential home buyers. Before you put your home on the market, give us a call and we'll make your garage or other out-buildings a selling point.
  • Looking for more space. Maybe your growing family could use more storage. Or you would like to park that new car inside. A junk-free garage makes that possible.
  • Physically unable. Perhaps it's a hardship for you to remove heavy or bulky items. Our crews lighten your burden by using equipment capable of lifting and loading heavy objects such as appliances.
  • Pressed for time. Wouldn't you or your family rather be doing almost anything else than taking several weekends to empty a garage or barn of its stuff?

Service Master of Santa Cruz's garage cleanout services include rented storage spaces, as well. 

Call us today at 831-459-0110. We serve the communities of Santa Cruz, Capitola, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Aptos, Felton, Soquel, and Ben Lomond, and all of Santa Cruz County.