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Rid Your Home, Garage, or Commercial Property of Clutter

Hoarder Cleanup

Need to clean up a home or office that's a disorganized mess? Has a loved one left behind a load of "memories" that you can't even begin to think where to start cleaning? Has an emotionally imbalanced or disgruntled employee turned your business premises into a hoarding dump?

For immediate hoarder cleanup services call ServiceMaster now at 831-459-0110!

We are located in Santa Cruz and serve the hoarder clean up needs of homes and commercial buildings in the surrounding areas, including locations in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Professional Hoarder Cleanup - We Understand Hoarding!

We recognize that hoarding can be the result of a psychological disorder. But not many people realize that it can result in severe health, fire and safety risks. At ServiceMaster in Santa Cruz we work with you to help restore a safe and comfortable location. Let our trained hoarder cleanup technicians clean and organize your property, so that you can return to a healthy indoor environment as quickly as possible. We also remove outdoor clutter and yard "collections".

Not only will we remove waste and clutter, but we'll also try our best to recover any personal belongings that are valuable to you with our hoarder cleanup services. Our professionals are people with compassion and a strong respect for sentimentality. The difference, to your advantage, is that we can separate memories from trash; and all without hurting the feelings of the hoarder.

Clutter and hoarder cleanup is not a typical cleanup job

Cleaning an area filled with waste and hoarding can be a trying and often impossible task for an individual inexperienced in decontamination and odor removal. When it comes to hoarder cleanup, trust only a licensed and certified professional. The hoarder's premises may be infected with contaminants or animals that can cause serious danger if proper precautions are not taken during hoarder cleanup and disposal.

ServiceMaster in Santa Clara has been providing city services, insurance companies and commercial clients with professional hoarder cleanup services for over two decades. Our hoarder cleanup technicians use the right tools and chemicals to eradicate all potential hazards from a site.

Contact the experts at ServiceMaster if you require emergency hoarder cleanup services for your home, commercial or retail property. Don't delay.

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