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Do you have poor drainage, leaking pipes, standing ground water or air conditioning leaks damaging your home or commercial buildings? Do you know that these are all common causes of mold damage? Mold damage can be a serious health hazard if you are exposed to certain types of mold over long periods of time.

The experts at ServiceMaster All Care, located in Santa Cruz, are professionally trained and certified for the inspection and safe removal of mold damage from your property and its contents. No matter the source of the water damage, we've got 20 years under our belts in the business of identifying and repairing mold damage!

Contact our certified mold remediation team today at 831-459-0110 if you even suspect mold is invading your property! We're available 24/7 to help you through our emergency call center

The longer you wait to get rid of mold, the more damage it can cause to its structure and contents. Not only do you risk permanently damaging your valuable home or areas of your commercial building with every moment you choose to wait, but you also risk paying more money to restore your property.

Getting certified experts to properly inspect your commercial buildings or home inspected for mold damage is very important. Identification of the type of mold requires a knowledgeable eye with proper training and testing equipment. Mold damage repairs require professional equipment and products to ensure the area is safe for habitation. We take every precaution with mold during the removal process to protect you, your building and your belongings.

The team at ServiceMaster All Care in Santa Cruz has the professional equipment and products necessary to clean up your property safely and without harming the environment. No need for you to worry about any risk to your health, we ensure that we do a thorough job of removing any contamination due to mold damage.

Our emergency call center is at your service 24/7. Call us at 831-459-0110 to make ensure your property is protected from mold damage.

ServiceMaster All Care services commercial buildings and homes throughout Santa Cruz County keeping properties clean from mold and mold damage.