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Trust the certified technicians at Service Master in Santa Cruz for professional mold inspection done quickly and at your convenience.

We're a restoration contractor that has been serving northern California homes and businesses since 1989. We've made our name as mold damage inspection specialists in an industry where experience is important - to protect your health and your property. 

Call Service Master in Santa Cruz at 831-459-0110, any day or time, if you see evidence of a mold problem in your home or office. Our mold inspection and mold remediation services cover all of Santa Cruz County, including the communities of Santa Cruz, Capitola, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Aptos, Felton, Soquel and Ben Lomond as well as mountain communities.

In most cases our crews can be dispatched within a day of your call. After a thorough mold inspection, we'll explain exactly what has to be done and quote a price upfront before we begin remediation.

The Focus of a Professional Mold Inspection

Outdoors, mold is a natural-occurring fungus that is harmless. You may have seen mold growing in moist areas around your house.

Indoors, mold can be a hazard to the health of children or the elderly. For people with respiratory problems, even a small amount of mold can make breathing difficult. A careful mold inspection will identify the presence of mold, ways to eliminate the mold itself and identify its cause to completely fix the problem.

If there is mold in your home or workplace, trained Service Master in Santa Cruz inspectors will find it. Mold grows in areas that are continually damp or have gotten wet and do not completely dry. Common areas in which mold is likely to grow include:

  • Beneath carpeting on inside walls.
  • Leather or cloth furniture.
  • Ductwork.
  • Beneath kitchen or bathroom sinks.
  • Basements. Mold can easily grow in books, papers and clothing stored near damp foundation walls.

For mold damage inspection, contact the restoration contractor that thousands of property owners have depended upon for nearly 25 years. Call Service Master in Santa Cruz today at 831-459-0110.