Comprehensive Mold Remediation Services

Service Master of Santa Cruz Technicians are Trained and Fully-Equipped to Eliminate Your Mold Problem 

Mold Remediation Services Santa Cruz

Mold remediation services by Service Master of Santa Cruz will take care of all aspects of mold removal from your property so you, your family, employees, or customers can breathe easier. 

Mold is an insidious invader of commercial and residential buildings that threatens the health of people who live and work inside, particularly those with respiratory problems. Because it requires a damp environment to grow, mold often gains a foothold in areas that are not easily seen, such as behind walls, boxes or cabinets, or in basements. 

Mold also does not require light to grow. The worst infestations of mold seen by Service Master of Santa Cruz technicians are typically behind walls in tight areas that get virtually zero light.

Call a Service Master of Santa Cruz operators today at 831-459-0110 today if you suspect you have a mold problem. 

Service Master of Santa Cruz professionals are trained and equipped to find mold - all of it - wherever it is hidden. Our mold remediation services include testing the air to gauge the extent of infestation and thoroughly cleaning affected areas. 

Hire Us for Professional Mold Remediation Services 

Many property owners believe that simply scrubbing an affected floor area or knocking out sections of drywall solves their mold problem. It doesn't. 

DIY mold removal can disperse dangerous Stachybotyrs and Pennicillium spores into the air. Young children and seniors are susceptible to breathing difficulties from airborne spores. 

Handing mold removal yourself is no guarantee you've completely eliminated the problem. There are two very good reasons why it's best to leave mold removal to the experts at Service Master of Santa Cruz: 

  • We have the knowledge. Our technicians understand the properties of mold - where it can hide and fester. We also know that completely removing mold is only possible if the moist conditions which encouraged the fungus in the first place are addressed. That may mean fixing faulty plumbing or a leaky roof.
  • We have the gear. A Service Master of Santa Cruz technician used modern equipment such as thermal imaging to detect mold and the best cleaning agents available to clean every trace of mold off joists, drywall, studs and floors. 

Call Service Master of Santa Cruz today at 831-459-0110. We offer mold remediation services to commercial and residential customers throughout Santa Cruz County, including the cities of Santa Cruz, Capitola, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Aptos, Felton, Soquel, and Ben Lomond.