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Are you concerned about mold in your home or commercial building? ServiceMaster in Santa Cruz offers complete molde testing, removal and remediation services throughout Santa Cruz county. Visible areas as well as hidden areas below carpets, beneath wallpaper, inside walls and under floors may be contaminated with mold from water leaks, roof or drainage damage, or due to extinguishing a fire. All home owners and business owners should be concerned about mold growth and the associated health affects.

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ServiceMaster in Santa Cruz is a certified expert in mold remediation services. Call us at 831-459-0110 to schedule a time to come and do a mold inspection and assessment, test the air-quality and let you know if there is any mold hazards present where professional mold removal is required.

Certified Mold Inspection and Removal Experts

As certified experts in mold removal, we know that mold comes in many types which create health problems and structural hazards for those living in the environment. Your attic, ceilings, walls, carpets, basement, furniture and even your clothes are all areas that can be contaminated with mold. The development of mold is dangerous and certain types of mold such as Stachybotyrs and Pennicillium can be harmful or fatal to some people if not treated.

Let us test your home or office for mold testing and to professionally clean and repair the damage. Call our ServiceMaster mold removal team at 831-459-0110.

ServiceMaster in Santa Cruz is backed by 20 years of experience serving customers across Santa Cruz County, including Santa Cruz, Capitola, Watsonville, Scotts Valley, Amesti, Aptos, Aptos Hills-Larkin Valley, and Ben Lomond.

We use professional equipment and environmentally safe cleaning products to provide you with the best mold remediation service in Santa Cruz County.

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