Flood Damage Cleanup That Reaches Every Corner

Service Master of Santa Cruz is On Call, 24/7, to Respond to Flooding from Rain or Plumbing Problems

flood damage cleanup santa cruz

As restoration contractors in northern California for more than 25 years, Service Master of Santa Cruz understands that there are no shortcuts when it comes to flood damage cleanup. Water from plumbing problems or heavy rains can seep into all corners of a structure, causing damage not easily seen.

Prompt flood damage cleanup is Service Master of Santa Cruz's specialty. If you've experienced flooding due to a leaking pipe or roof or rainwater, call one of our friendly operators at 831-459-0110 right away, any time of the day or night.

There is more to flood damage cleanup in a home or building than removing standing water and drying out furniture and carpeting - much more.

It's vitally important to completely dry out sub-flooring, drywall and wall studs, ceilings and foundations after they become soaked. Failing to do so can weaken a building's structure and cause health problems for your family or employees and customers.

Health Risks and Flood Damage Cleanup

Damp conditions may persist even after standing water has been extracted from a home or building, and that can create health hazards that should not be ignored. Even flooding due to rainwater carries health risks.

Microorganisms can be carried into a building that has been flooded. Breathing or touching certain microorganisms can make a person ill.

Wet conditions foster the growth of mold. When mold spores are released into the air, breathing can become difficult, especially for very young children, seniors, or people with respiratory problems. We specialize in mold removal services for those times when water has been allowed to soak without proper drying.

Humid conditions can produce an ideal breeding ground for dust mites, which commonly cause allergic reactions in some people.

Service Master of Santa Cruz gives you peace of mind with professional flood damage cleanup that thoroughly dries every corner of your home or business. We also remove materials and items that are unsalvageable while saving everything we can with professional drying ovens and other techniques.

Call us at 831-459-0110 whenever flooding occurs. Our service area includes homeowners and businesses throughout Santa Cruz County, including the cities of Santa Cruz, Capitola, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Aptos, Felton, Soquel, and Ben Lomond.