Water Removal Services, 24/7

Get Prompt Relief from ServiceMaster in Santa Cruz County

ServiceMaster Restoration service responds immediately anywhere in Santa Cruz county when your home or business has been flooded and you need water removal services.

Time is critical when broken pipes or valves, a leaky roof, or heavy rains leave standing water in a residence or business. The cost and long-term damage will be minimized by our water removal services experts. We can almost immediately begin the task of restoring your property to its previous condition.

Once we are called, ServiceMaster's Santa Cruz area water removal services crew takes the following measures to restore and protect the value of your Santa Cruz area home or business:

  • Completely removing standing water - The state of the art equipment we use as part of our water removal services sets the standard in the home restoration industry. Our moisture detectors and high-powered pumps easily handle even large-scale flooding over thousands of square feet.
  • Thorough drying -Our job isn't finished just because the water is gone. Remaining moisture warps floors and walls and is a breeding ground for mold. Industrial drying equipment such as dehumidifiers speeds evaporation. It's our goal to save as much of your property and its contents as possible.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing -Moisture promotes the spread of odors and also mold which should be removed. Our crews use environmentally-friendly and effective cleaning products to disinfect and deodorize every corner.
  • Restoring where needed. Sometimes a flooded home or office with heavily damaged walls, floors, ceilings and interiors require reconstruction. Service Master By Tripp is one of northern California's most experienced post-disaster contractors.

When you need water removal services for your Santa Cruz property, call Service Master All Care Restoration at 831-459-0110. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff of operators are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Service Master in Santa Cruz has been operating in Northern California since 1981. Call today!